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Our specialized teams are made up of marketers who are experts in carrying out and executing marketing tasks at the point of sale for the brand they represent.

Our Commitment

is to guarantee:

That your product is available, marked and in optimal conditions in its exhibition places.


That your promotional plans negotiated with the chain are executed on the sales floor.

Improve the shopping experience and consumer loyalty to your brand.


Daily information from the point of sale for decision-making and improvement actions.


We have a structure of supervision, operational coordination for the management, attention and monitoring of your activities at the point of sale.

  • Possibility of adjusting routes based on inventories, sales and others required by the brand.

  • Greater management in the sales floor.

  • Short reaction and action times at the point of sale.

  • Sense of belonging to your brand.

  • Reporting and daily visibility of the point of sale

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