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The tasting and demonstration service is the comprehensive solution for the management of events on the sales floor for the launch of a product.

Our proposal offers a total planning of your project, from recruitment, training, management, follow-up and even the reporting of the program.

The team of demonstrators meets all standards, permanent training, knowledge of sales techniques and strict sanitary controls, all operated under a supervision and operational coordination structure to monitor their activities at the point of sale.


  • 94% of consumers comment that demonstrations at the POS generate greater credibility than advertising in the media.

  • 76% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of tastings at the point of sale.

  • 83% of consumers comment that at least some of the items sampled are now recurring purchases.

  • Increase the sale of products tasted or promoted

  • Standardized product image and presentation of personnel.

  • Surveys at the point of sale (qualitative product information).

  • Specialized training of the product to be promoted.

  • Supervision of tastings and demonstrations.

  • Adequate reporting system



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